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Our INSET Courses are tailor made, lasting for between two hours and two days. 
We also offer twilight sessions.

We offer this service to schools, Local Authorities or other RE bodies / networks.

In delivering INSET, our three main aims are to provide and explore: 

1. Subject knowledge, with insight into the tradition 

2. Stimulating ways to teach about Hinduism

3. Useful books and artefacts (with opportunity to inspect and purchase)

As a fourth aim, we can link the above to your (new) local agreed syllabus.

IES staff are practicing Hindus and well-experienced in Western thought and culture. 
They are also familiar with the educational world, and the many challenges faced by both RE specialists and non-specialists).

Book online HERE or call us on 01923 859578

Please note: 

(1) The precise options available may vary from centre to centre. Do contact your
local centre for further details. 

(2) Courses include a purpose-designed handbook entitled ‘Getting to the Heart of
Hinduism: a Comprehensive Guide for Teachers’.