Fun Drumming and Mindfulness

Bring Mindfulness to your classroom with Jayadev John Richardson. A workshop to bolster self-identity, self-belief and self-determination and to help children attain mindfulness.

Jayadev John Richardson has been a musician for 50 years. After playing on other artistes hit records: Kung Fu Fighting, Born with a smile on my face and Video killed the radio star all of which were number one records around the world, John formed the Rubettes group in 1974 with the chart topping “Sugar Baby Love”. During the last 40 years Jayadev has also been deeply involved in Alternative and Complimentary therapy and in 1986 was awarded by the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine as Therapist of the Year.

His main loves – Healing and Music – have come together in the form of three initiatives.

  • Fun Drumming

Fun Drumming is perfect for children of all ages helping them to learn to play percussion alongside the ability to enjoy the rich “inner world” that drum mindfulness offers them.

Another simple process aimed at Keystage 1 & 2, utilising positive affirmation and song to bring out the good character traits innate in each child. There is not only a book but a downloadable musical DVD which can be easily applied to this fun process

  • Mantra Choir

More than 150 Mantra Choirs in 25 countries as far distant as USA, Russia Australia and South Africa. Jayadev can facilitate this as a class room programme or as a school assembly or even as a concert type experience.

Jayadev is thrilled to be able to share these concepts with schools who need innovative approaches to the challenges of education as well as for schoolchildren who also need inspiration in the demanding educative process.

Odissi Dance Workshops

Keli Chanchala Dasi, is an accomplished performer and teacher of classical Odissi dance, having been studying since the year 2000 under the tutelage of Sri Guru Pratap Narayan of the Venunad Kala Kendra, Vrindavan. Born and raised in Hungary, she showed a natural affinity for refined art forms from a young age, studying art restoration, painting and design at college. After becoming deeply inspired by bhakti yoga as a teenager, she embarked on an intensive period of immersion in ashram life, where among the various spiritual practices, she learned to nurture her artistic talent and explore its intrinsic connection with worship and devotion.
For the last 16 years she has spent several months in India each year, studying with her teachers, and then returning to Europe/London, where she continues to present and teach this art form.
Over the years her performances have included presenting solo work at the UK Houses of Parliament Diwali celebration; at corporates such as HSBC; television and media events; large scale festivals such as the London Wellbeing Festival at Kensington Olympia; intimate concerts at theaters and yoga studios, and her personal favorite, dancing in temples as an act of devotion. To view a short video from a workshop at Tring Park School click here.