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Most IES centres offer full traditional lunch (strictly vegetarian). This is not only a key experience but also allows the visit to continue into the early school-lunch-at-hindu-templeafternoon (usually until about 2.30-2.45 pm). 

To meets everyone’s needs, the menu includes not only authentic Indian cuisine but  also some ‘more familiar’ dishes. This encourages exploration of different tastes and simultaneously ensures that no-one goes hungry.

A typical meal consists of: 

– Pea and cheese curry (a mildly-spiced vegetable preparation) 
– Fluffy Basmati rice
– Chips
– A light, Indian savoury
– Puris or chapattis (traditional bread) 
– A desert (usually home-made biscuits).
– A fruit drink  

All centres can offer samples of traditional sweets and prasad (sanctified food)  

Book online HERE or call us on 01923 859578

Please note:  

1.    IES can cater to students with food allergies & special diets. Please ask for further details. 
2.    We allow packed lunches for religious or medical reasons only.

Important note: As non vegetarian food is prohibited from temple property, to maintain the sanctity of our temple, pack lunches must exclude meat, fish, chicken and eggs, onion and garlic or their derivatives such as in cakes and jellies.