Balarama Jayanti

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Today is the appearance of Lord Balarama, the elder brother of Lord Krishna. According to the Vaishnava tradition, Balarama is the first expansion of Krishna in the form of Sesa, and everything then eminates from him, and is therefore also known the original Guru. In his other incarnations or avatars he is known as Laxman, brother of Lord Ramachandra and Nityananda the associate of Lord Chaitanya. Bala means strength and we pray to him for spiritual strength. This is also the last day of the Julan Yatra or swing festival. Devotees re-enact swinging Radha and Krishna on a beautifully decorated swing. The annual festival celebrating the bond between brother and sister is also celebrated on this day. Many sisters will tie a string around the wrists of their brothers for his protection and in turn the brother will reciprocate with a gift.

Julan Yatra at Bhaktivedanta Manor