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We provide visitors to speak on Hinduism and related topics. By setting up a shrine and display, we can bring the temple to your school!

Presentations are highly interactive using a range of resources and artefacts.

We cater to all age groups from pre-school up to post-16 and we aim to provide learning experiences and resources that are authentic, exciting and accessible.

A visit to your school may include the following options:

– Basic or full display with shrine

– Dressing in traditional Indian clothes

– Few interactive presentations

– Mock Hindu Wedding

– Kirtan or traditional music

– Yoga and meditation

– Havan

– Storytelling, role-playing

– Traditional cooking workshop

– Questions and answer sessions

Topics include:

– Moral ethical and topical issues

– Music and the arts

– Hindu festivals

– Animal rights, cow protection and vegetarianism

– India, its history, values and culture.

– The deities, worship and sacred texts

– The environment and natural living

– Atman, karma, samsara and moksha

All day presentations

A Hindu day could be as follows:

Interactive presentation (65 min, 08:30-09:35)
Havan and mock wedding (65 min, 09:35-10:40)
Break 1 (20 min, 10:40-11:00)
Dress up and traditional face paint (65 min, 11:00-12:05)
Traditional Indian Cooking (60 min, 12:05-13:05)
Lunch Break (60 min, 13:05-14:05)
Traditional music workshop (25 min, 14:05-14:30)
Bazaar (25 min, 14:30-14:55)
Yoga and meditation (15 min, 14:55-15:10)
Questions and Answers (15 min, 15:10-15:25)

We can tailor our visit to your needs so call us and we can design a visit especially for you within your budget. Our fee is Β£65+VAT per hour of teaching and 70p per mile return.

Book online here or call us on 01923 859578