Celebrating 30 years in Education!

Experience an authentic Hindu temple or let us bring the Hindu temple to your school!
We offer School Visits, In-school presentations & Teacher Training

Special Offer! 30% OFF on Visits to our Temple for All-day and Half-day Visits.

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School Visits

A perfect way for your students to experience “lived religion” with a full cultural experience at our Hindu temple and get the best out of a school visit… read more

Classroom Speakers

We provide visitors to speak on Hinduism and related topics. By setting up a shrine and display, we can bring the temple to your school! read more

Educational Resources

Teacher Resources

A range of online resources for download/print to support RE Teachers with all the materials they need in helping students learn about, and learn from, the Hindu tradition … click here

Student Resources

A range of online resources, including fact-sheets, quizzes, links to external websites, games, stories, etc., for students who wish to learn about, and learn from, the Hindu tradition … click here

Heart Of Hinduism

An online version of our 2004 Heart of Hinduism pack – an educational resource that explains the Hindu traditions in clear terms … click here

Connect to your local RE Group:  NATRE

For RE Teachers and Leaders learn about A National Plan for RE

Speakers near you – Please see Our Centres to find a classroom speaker or centre to visit near you

For Students – build your own Altar – drag/drop items – and print your finished picture if you wish!

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