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Heart of Hinduism teacher Resources Pack

Heart of Hinduism - Online Resource

Heart of Hinduism – a comprehensive online resource from ISKCON Educational Services

In helping learn and teach about Hinduism, IES strives to publish and present educational material that:

  1. Is accurate, authentic and accessible
  2. Recognizes diversity
  3. Carefully classifies complex material
  4. Promotes academic and moral discernment
  5. Values individual agency
  6. Promotes the well-being of all

Our 2004 Heart of Hinduism teacher Resources Pack is an extensive exploration of the above. We are pleased to now offer an online version of our Heart of Hinduism pack here

Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets are available for both student and teacher.

Please note: IES adds to these Fact Sheets each term. If there is no information yet here on topics which interest or engage you, then please feel free to contact us.


Story and narrative is a useful, way-in to exploring the dynamic and often complex relationships between:

  1. Knowledge and belief
  2. Practice and conduct
  3. Values and attitudes

Story is helpful in promoting a shared human wisdom, transcending any specific faith or worldview.

Please click on the appropriate story from the list below:

Teaching Ideas

Teaching about Hinduism is both challenging and rewarding. The many deities are both bewildering and opportunities for profound discussion. Hindu philosophy is extensive, but most suitable for promoting critical, reflective thought. More than anything, Hinduism embraces all the senses, and makes for exciting learning!

The following ‘learning experiences’ are samples only and teachers are encouraged to use and modify them to enhance their own initiative and creativity.  Further ideas are found on the Heart of Hinduism Teacher Pack published by ISKCON Educational Services.



Build your own Altar

Perhaps you have visited the temple already and you would like to now build an altar from memory of your visit, or you would like to learn about the different items used for an arati ceremony? Either way, click here to load our drag-drop altar page.

Useful links

The following links may be helpful to students and teachers dealing with Religious Education:

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