Boxmoor Primary – Temple Visit – July 2015

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Boxmoor Primary – Temple Visit – July 2015

 Dear Devotees

Thank you for letting my class come to see your temple. My favourite parts of the trip were the bull ride and the lovely face painting. It was interesting to find out about why cows are your sacred animals.

Thanks again.

Yours sincerely


year 4

Dear Devotees,

Thank you very much for my Hindu school trip. I learned lots about Hindus and how they worship their gods.

My top three favourite experiences were…

1. The lovely food that you cooked for us.

2. Dressing up and seeing/hearing Hindus pray to the shrine.

3. Looking around the garden for the special sayings.

Thank you again for letting us visit your place of worship.

From  AH

Lovely art work from the letters, written by Boxmoor Primary School students

Boxmoor 1

broxmoor 2