Comberton Village School

Year 10 Trip – December 2015

Booking procedure
Score: 5
Strength: Easy to use
Suggestions: I couldn’t find anywhere to alter information once submitted.

Organisation on the day, including timetable
Score: 5
Strength: Perfectly balanced, clearly set out and easy to follow.
Suggestions: I cannot falter the organisation in any way.

Main presentation(s)
A) Pitching for audience (for age, background, etc)
Score: 5
Strength: This was by far one of the best visits we have had with you, perfect for their age and knowledge.

B) Relevance and accessibility
Score: 5
Strength: All activities were accessible by all students.

C) Academic or information content
Score: 5
Strength: The content was great, just what we were after.

Tours and cart rides
Score: 4
Strength: Lovely route around the gardens and house.
Suggestions: The guides were at times difficult to hear over the planes and the squabbling ducks.

Dressing-up workshops
Score: 5
Strength: I think you coped amazingly well with the sheer volume of girls we had trying to get dressed in one tiny room.

Seeing the shrine
Score: 5
Strength: Fantastic experience for all students.
Suggestions: The microphone failed and some students towards the back had difficulty hearing.

Score: 5
Strength: Thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Face painting
Score: 5

Souvenir/resource shop
Score: 5

Hospitality and friendliness
Score: 5

Value for money
Score: 5

The overall visit
Score: 5

Further Comment
Thank you once again for a fantastic day. Your hospitality and kindness is much appreciated.